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What do I need for my race day kit

We are often asked “what do I need for my race day kit when starting out in triathlons?"

Generally triathletes are good planners – plan training, plan races, spend time getting ready and then go. You have your wetsuit, your tri suit (or top and shorts) but what about all the little things that help.

We created a short list of items that we think are race day essentials – for shorter to mid distance races

Race Equipment

  1. Sunscreen – often this is supplied at the race but make sure you have some in case. Easier to put it on away from the crowds
  2. Gels/Bars – races are early and it’s hard to have a decent breakfast. Grab a gel or a bar to take 30-60 mins before the race. Adds a bit of nutrition but also calms the nerves. Our customer’s favourite – Gu Energy Gels, My favourite - High5 Gels
  3. Water/Electrolytes – take a bottle to sip before the race. On hot days or longer races, add some electrolytes – tablets are the easiest. Our best seller - Nuun
  4. Anti - Chaffing – perfect for under the wetsuit – around the neck, under arms (if going sleeveless) and under the calves for easier wetsuit removal. Our Favourite – BodyGlide. This is also good to have ready for the bike/run transition.
  5. Towel – put a towel on the ground to wipe your feet or if you need to dry off the water. Also good to rub the feet dry before putting your running shoes on.
  6. Swim Goggles – some people prefer to use their training goggles, others prefer a specific pair for race day – keep them safe. Most races are outdoors so look for a tinted/mirrored pair if there is early morning sun. Look at some swim goggle options. Tip – put the strap under your swim cap – less chance of your goggles being knocked off in the swim mayhem!
  7. Cap or Visor – keep your head cool or protected. The Visors allow more air flow but for the hair challenged gents – wear a hat for sun protection. The standout leader is Headsweats
  8. Race Belt – easier than pins and makes you look the part. Wear your race belt with number under your wetsuit facing the back so it is ready for the cycle. Don’t forget to turn it around for the run and that photo finish. See options here.
  9. Sunglasses – go for a simple light pair – especially ones with multiple lens colours so you can choose depending on the weather. Sunwise have some great value.
  10. Chip Band – race organisers tend to supply one but it can be a bit rough on the ankle – especially for longer races. Want something soft – go for the Compressport Chip Band.
  11. Elastic Laces – makes getting those runners on quicker and then you are away – lots of options
  12. Socks – get a decent pair for the cycle and run. Many people choose not to wear them on shorter races but if you do – go quality. Compressport are leaders here.
  13. Powder for your shoes – if you are going sockless put some baby powder or Blistershield in your shoes to make sure everything is dry before your run – your feet will thank you.