Trigger Point GRID 2.0 - Twice the Size

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Use the Trigger Point GRID 2.0 to do more - treat injury, prevent injury, increase flexibility, and enhance biomechanics.

This revolutionary tool is based on a grid system of varying widths and densities, allowing you to take traditional foam rolling to the next level.

Intensity levels are in your control by simply repositioning the Grid. Great for general use and core workouts.

Increase the targeted area with the new GRID 2.0. Double size means more coverage.

COVERAGE includes Calves, quads, hamstrigs, glutes, back, pecs, thoracic spine and more.

Use the GRID 2.0 in your pre- and post- workout regimens as well as a diverse exercise tool.


  • Twice the size - 66cm (26in) long and 12.7cms (5in) diameter
  • "Green" technology - Constructed with less foam than traditional foam rollers
  • Designed to withstand constant, heavy, and repeated use without breaking down
  • Built from EVA foam
  • The Matrix & Distrodensity Zones
  • Unique design allows for targeted massage
  • Find the Distrodensity Zone that best suits your needs
  • Distrodensity allows for a more realistic massage experience
  • Core body workout versatility


  • Orange and Black 


  • 66cm (26in) long and 12.7cms (5in) diameter

Warranty Information

The Grid is backed by a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects - we're confident it won't break down or fail under normal use.

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  • 5
    Un-believable difference in exercises

    Posted by Andrew on 13th Sep 2014

    I have been using the smaller roller for some time and it has been great. The one thing that annoyed me with a small roller was trying to keep an exercise going through major muscle groups without getting off and resetting. The TPG 2.0 allows me to do a complete back myofascial release and move straight into glutes and then legs...The feel is great and the various densities is felt throughout the work out. Definitely worth the money...

  • 5
    great much better then a normal foam roller

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Nov 2013

    great much better then a normal foam roller

  • 4
    Good trigger point foam roller

    Posted by KP Bassett on 31st May 2013

    I like it a lot!!! I have a smaller one with larger trigger points, however this one massages just as deep and is easier to manuover on because it being such much longer. Will definately recommend, it's money we'll spent considering how much time you can be on it to help the body recover from one training session to the next one.