We have the full range of Orca wetsuits for triathlons or open water swimming - 8 models to choose from the brand that has been making wetsuits for over 20 years.

The Orca open water - you will be seen in this one. Our most popular S7 comes in full sleeve or the sleeveless RS1. Perfect if you are new to wetsuit swimming and in need of more buoyancy. We have the perfect mid range Sonar - if you are not the best swimmer then this is the one for you. Also the 3.8 for those long distance swims that need buoyancy. If you are a good swimmer, start with the Equip, have a look at the Alpha - extremely thin and perfect for a fast swim. 

Then we have the Predator - top shelf for those wanting to do a sub 1 hour Ironman swim. A perfect balance of buoyancy and flexibility for speed.

If you are unsure of sizing or wetsuit see the video below or click here for some handy hints or or send us an email so we can make sure you get the right fit for you.

Don't forget care - click here to read Care for your Triathlon Wetsuit and do watch this video on how to put on your wetsuit.