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Swimming Drills

Review the Videos below to get some quick hints and tips on how to improve your swimming. Come back often as we add more videos.

1. Freestyle Swimming Drill - Single-Arm Sighting - Learning how to sight with one arm extended (single-arm sighting) and learning how to use your pulling arm to help you get a quick look ahead, are important skills in open-water swimming.

2. All Strokes Swimming Drill - Simple Streamline - This simple skill is quite possibly the MOST important skill in all of swimming. 

3. Swimming Drill - Turns - Stable Pushoffs -When many younger and older swimmers come off a flip turn, they're sometimes disoriented and push off incorrectly.  In order to learn a great line, and stable exit from a flip, here's a good sequence to help.

4. Freestyle Swimming Drill - Ball Catch - Anything that gets swimmers focused on their catch is a good thing.  When it costs so little, it's even better. 

5. Freestyle Swimming Drill - Donut Catch - Building a great catch in freestyle takes focus.  Using simple, inexpensive tools adds a creative way to get your swimmers to focus out front.

6. Freestyle Swimming Drill - Fist - Open Finish - With so many drills focusing on the catch and the front of the stroke, it's refreshing to hear someone talk about the finish.  Here is a drill from coach, Craig Keller of Asphalt Green Masters in NYC.

7. All Strokes Swimming Drill - Kicking with a Board - So many people think of kicking with a board as something that can ruin their stroke.  Truth be told, there's no other way to really work the legs in a swimming-productive way.

8. Freestyle - Swimming With Fins - Sure, fins can be used for all strokes, but today, let's just focus on using them for two types of freestyle.

9. Freestyle - Underwater Free - Being able to focus on one specific aspect of your stroke sometimes takes isolation. Swimming underwater certainly gives you that.

10. Freestyle - Flutter Kick Focus - To really sprint in freestyle, you're going to have to develop a strong kick. Focusing on how much you use your legs can really help this.