Some Hints for Buying your first Wetsuit

Below are some hints you should keep in mind when purchasing your first wetsuit. They are the sort of questions we get asked at Ezi Sports all the time. It also has some recommendations about wetsuit brands and models which will change over time. These recommendations are based on our experience and feedback from our customers – take them as hints and tips but make your own decision.

Handy Hints

1. Buying a wetsuit without trying it on actually works! It makes you focus on your size and dimensions rather than the fit/feel in a shop. Wetsuits are tight and generally hard to put on until you are used to them – not easy to do in a shop.

2.Follow the size chart. Easy to say but what happens when you are in between sizes or your weight says one size but your height says another. We find that for people new to wetsuits tend to be concerned about the wetsuit being too tight and uncomfortable. Hence we recommend looking at the chest measurement first, then weight and then height.

3.If in doubt go up a size. If you are on the edge of a sizing go up a size as you will feel more comfortable. Remember wetsuits will be tight but also stretch.

4. You need to look at three aspects on a wetsuit – buoyancy, flexibility and warmth. Pretty well all wetsuits cover these areas well – even the lower end models.

5. Buoyancy (waist, arms and legs) will help your swim times by keep you higher in the water – less drag. Most wetsuits are thicker in these areas (around 5mm) to help.

6. Flexibility will ensure you can move those arms and legs as fast as possible. Most wetsuits are made of at least two panels and are made of thinner material around the arms/shoulders (around 2mm).

7.Warmth – no one likes to jump into freezing water. A 7am start in a triathlon or open water swim can seem cold no matter where you are. The reality is that wetsuit helps for those first 10 seconds until you adjust.

Orca S5 Triathlon Wetsuit

Orca mens S5 Triathlon wetsuit

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