Shotz (KODA) Tablets and Gels


The Shotz (KODA) Electrolyte Tablet is the ultimate in portable hydration no matter where your adventures take you. Drop one Shotz tablet into 500ml of water and away you go! Because Shotz tabs are refreshing and not tacky and sweet you are able drink more, be less dehydrated and better equipped to combat the negative effects dehydration has on your performance.

Shotz is being renamed KODA - same ingredients - different name. Stay tuned while you see their new name in all their packaging.

Shotz Energy Gel is a ground-breaking, great tasting gel that stimulates your mind, fuels your body and makes you feel good. Shotz Energy Gel dissolves quickly into your system and gives your mind and muscles a perfectly measured dose of natural complex grain carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are what make our bodies tick and the natural reserves we carry can run out very quickly after periods of exertion, leading to fatigue and loss of control. With Shotz Energy Gel these carbohydrate reserves receive a scientifically measured "top up"