Running Socks

Browse through a range of running socks from 2XU, Feetures, Thorlos and 1000 Mile - all made to keep you running and save your feet!

Thorlos made their name with padded socks - an extra layer for your heal and fore foot. They have upgraded with Thorlos Experia - lots of padding, compression around the arch and lightweight.

The Feetures Light Cushion socks are anatomically constructed using a Sock-Lock technology to provide targeted support where it's needed most. As a result of this enhanced fit, the foot and sock become one.

2XU are known for compression. These socks have solid compression on the arch of the foot with a choice on cushioning in the toe and heel.

1000 Mile is best known for its double layer, anti-blister system.  The 'sock within a sock' design was introduced to the UK by 1000 Mile over 20 years ago with the very first Original sock.  The inner layer stays with the foot as the outer layer moves with the shoe, thus eliminating friction on the skin and protecting your feet from blisters.