Orca Race Belt - Orquid

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Orca Race Belt - The Orca Race Belt is an essential for multisport enthusiasts. For the Triathlete, it is easy to swing your race number around from back to front when transitioning from the bike to the run. This may also be worn this under your wetsuit and not have to worry about the transition from swim to bike.  

The race belt is made from a durable and comfortable elasticated Jacquard knit fabric. The Race Belt features a centre back clasp buckle, durable toggles to attach race numbers, is fully adjustable for a comfortable fit, and has a repeating Orca logo print.  This belt also has elastic loops to hold your gels for those long races.


  • Centre back clasp buckle secure
  • Toggles for attaching race number 
  • Elastic loop for gels storage 


  • Orquid - This is almost a purple but pink