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Orca Mens RS1 Openwater Sleeveless Wetsuit - No Sleeves - No Problem - The new open water is what you're looking for.  

The Orca Openwater RS1 Sleeveless is the perfect wetsuit for those swimmers looking for minimum restraint and maximum freedom in their open water swimming sessions. The sleeveless design ensures minimal restriction of your swim stroke, providing maximum freedom when swimming.

The neoprene used on the torso and legs ensures added buoyancy, as well as good thermal insulation in those areas. This wetsuit is the perfect choice for swimmers who do not need the thermal insulation of sleeves but are looking for maximum freedom when it comes to swimming.


  • BUOYANCY In the legs, 4.5 mm Yamamoto 38 is used. This material's thermal insulation is high due to its thickness
  • minimal restriction
  • maximum freedom when swimming
  • 3 mm Yamamoto 38 material
  • 4.5 mm Yamamoto 38 is used in the legs


The 3 mm Yamamoto 38 material is used in the torso and back. In these parts of the body, the neoprene is not distorted very much. In these areas, elasticity is not given the same importance, so materials with more compressive characteristics such as this Yamamoto 38 can be used. This technology provides a good fit to the swimmer's body, preventing the wetsuit from separating from the skin and water flowing into the suit. It also provides a degree of thermal insulation that allows the swimmer to exercise for longer in the water. In the legs, 4.5 mm Yamamoto 38 is used. This material has a high buoyancy, so it helps the swimmer to raise their position in the water. In addition, this material's thermal insulation is high due to its thickness.




The SCS coating is used to optimize water glide, which minimizes water resistance by improving the wetsuit's hydrodynamics. This coating offers a 60% decrease in water resistance compared to a conventional wetsuit, which allows for increased speed.


We always recommend you focus on your chest measurement as the main size guide. This will enable you to have a good fit, while being able to flex your upper body while swimming. For more information read this handy hints guide.

Size Chest - cms (inches) Height - cms (inches) Weight - kgs Body Type
4 85-91cms  (33-36) 157-170cms  (5ft 2 - 5ft 7) 56-61 kgs  X Small
5 90-95cms  (35-37) 162-172cms  (5ft 4 - 5ft 8)  61-66 kgs   Small
6 95-99cms  (37-39) 167-175cms  (5ft 6 - 5ft 9)  67-74 kgs   Medium
Medium Tall 95-99cms  (37-39) 177-190cms  (5ft 10 - 6ft 2)  68-76 kgs   Medium - Tall
7 98-104cms  (38-41) 173-185cms  (5ft 8 - 6ft 1)  75-82 kgs   Medium - Large
8 104-108cms  (41-43) 180-188cms  (5ft 11 - 6ft 2)  82-89 kgs   Large - Tall
9 108-113cms  (43-44) 185-193cms  (6ft 1 - 6ft 4)  89-97 kgs   Large - Broad Chest
10 114-124cms  (45-49) 190-196cms  (6ft 3 - 6ft 5)  98-109 kgs   X Large - Broad Chest
11 123-134cms  (49-53) 193-200cms  (6ft 4 - 6ft 6)  107 + kgs   XXL Large - Broad Chest

Please note that if your size is not available then please contact us as we may be able to get it in quickly. Contact Us

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