Orca Mens Open Water Core Hi Vis Triathlon Wetsuit

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Orca Mens Open Water Wetsuit: If you’re looking for a wetsuit designed for open water training that offers high visibility, and so higher levels of safety, at an affordable price.

For a triathlete, there is nothing quite like the feeling of being out there in the open water, alone with your thoughts, the methodical rhythm of your stroke and the beautiful ocean. For some of us though, openwater swimming can be a little daunting, and being visible for safety’s sake is a top priority for a feeling of security.

Orca’s new Openwater wetsuit and neoprene swim cap (click here for the cap) with high-vis neon orange neoprene now makes this feeling of security a reality. 


  • VISIBILITY - Neon orange jersey smoothskin arms allow you to be extremely visible in the open water - greatly increasing your feeling of security.
  • FLEXIBILITY - With a thickness of 2-2.5mm. Yamamoto neoprene all over, this suit is super flexible, giving you great freedom of movement in the open water.
  • VALUE - At such an affordable pricepoint, and with kid’s sizes available, this suit is one that really can fit out the whole family at a great price


  • A: Hydrolite lining 39cell 2mm
  • B: Polyester jersey + water repellent, 38cell, 2mm white neoprene.
  • C: SmoothSkn 2.5mm 38cell Multistretch



We always recommend you focus on your chest measurement as the main size guide. This will enable you to have a good fit, while being able to flex your upper body while swimming. For more information read this handy hints guide.

Size Chest - cms (inches) Height - cms (inches) Weight - kgs Body Type
4 85-91cms  (33-36) 157-170cms  (5ft 2 - 5ft 7) 56-61 kgs  X Small
5 90-95cms  (35-37) 162-172cms  (5ft 4 - 5ft 8)  61-66 kgs   Small
6 95-99cms  (37-39) 167-175cms  (5ft 6 - 5ft 9)  67-74 kgs   Medium
Medium Tall 95-99cms  (37-39) 177-190cms  (5ft 10 - 6ft 2)  68-76 kgs   Medium - Tall
7 98-104cms  (38-41) 173-185cms  (5ft 8 - 6ft 1)  75-82 kgs   Medium - Large
8 104-108cms  (41-43) 180-188cms  (5ft 11 - 6ft 2)  82-89 kgs   Large - Tall
9 108-113cms  (43-44) 185-193cms  (6ft 1 - 6ft 4)  89-97 kgs   Large - Broad Chest
10 114-124cms  (45-49) 190-196cms  (6ft 3 - 6ft 5)  98-109 kgs   X Large - Broad Chest
11 123-134cms  (49-53) 193-200cms  (6ft 4 - 6ft 6)  107 + kgs   XXL Large - Broad Chest

Please note that if your size is not available then please contact us as we may be able to get it in quickly. Contact Us

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  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by Stephen Ballinger on 18th Sep 2020

    I've swum right through winter in the ocean at Newcastle in this suit and it has been simply fantastic. It is so easy to get on and off (unlike my steamer) and an absolute pleasure to swim in. Water here gets to around 16 degrees and I've been fine. With the matching cap, I suspect I could go to 12 or 13 degrees. To sum it up: I love it

  • 5
    Orca wetsuit

    Posted by Felix Williamson on 2nd Jun 2020

    This wetsuit is fantastic for swimming. And the customer service I had was second to none. Thank you!

  • 4
    Orca Open Water Core

    Posted by Graham Hattenfels on 1st Jun 2020

    Very happy with this suit. Fit is really good - took advice from vendors and focused on chest measurement so the suit seals well with very little water ingress - a little at the back - less each time as I get better at fitting it on. Keeping me warm so far, and I think it will be adequate down to about 19 degrees C - depending on how long you are in the water - an hour at 22 c (10 degree air temp) is toasty. Orca recommends this suit as a training wetsuit and it feels robust enough to deal with daily use. Best feature is the bright orange arms - swimming in the open water of a coastal estuary with boaties ignoring the speed limits is stressful if you are not sure you can be easily seen, but my swimming compatriots say they can see me well from 300 metres away. Was a little uncomfortable under the arms but a bit of lubrication (cheap hair conditioner) fixed that. I can recommend the suit for daily open water fitness training, but I am not a competitive swimmer so I can't really rate it for Triathlon, although I am finding no issues with flexibility in the 2mm shoulder area - feels good - no restrictive feeling. If you don't wanna get hit by a jet ski, go for this one - I think it's great value for the price.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Oct 2017

    Simply great - sizing was perfect.

  • 5
    Orca Wetsuit!!!

    Posted by Sean Williams on 8th Sep 2017

    This is the first time i have worn a full body wetsuit. I cannot believe how flexible and lightweight it is. My biggest worry about getting a full body wetsuit was how restrictive my strokes would be. Because of the material that's in the arms and shoulders you do get the ability to do the full stroke and at the same time, you don't hardly fill that you have it on. If you feel like i did about wearing a full wetsuit, don't be. I recommend this type of wetsuit to anyone who love doing open water swimming.

  • 4
    Finally a good wetsuit

    Posted by Justin K on 28th Sep 2016

    I've looked everywhere for a wetsuit to swim in that was not restrictive at this price point. Works great, keeps me warm and added buoyancy are a great combination. I would have given 5 stars but need to be careful when putting on or removing wetsuit because it's only 2mm.