OOFOS Recovery Footwear

First and foremost it’s the innovative and proprietary OOfoam that makes OOfos, so unique and different to any other shoes including thongs, sandals, slides and clogs on the market.

The OOfoam combined with the patented foot-bed design is what makes OOfos so insanely comfortable and supportive. We refer to this as the “OOfeel” or “feel the OO”.

In comparison, OOfos absorbs 37% more impact compared to EVA, which is the most commonly used foam material used in footwear.

With each step wearing a pair of OOfos Thongs the OOfoam disperses your body’s impact to the side of the shoe, rather than coming up back through your body.

Initially OOfos was intended as Recovery Footwear, especially for Runners, but OOfos has proven to be a lot more than a recovery tool for Athletes.

Countless testimonials from people suffering from various foot and general health conditions, especially Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spur, Bunions, Knee and Back problems clearly tells the story that OOfos has become a lifesaver for a growing number of people.

OOfos has been able to offer the pain relief these sufferers have been searching for and we highly recommend anyone with any aches and pains (foot, heel, knee and back etc.) to wear a pair of OOfos as part of their pain management.

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