GUP Holster - Tire Sealant Bracket and Strap

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The GUP Hölster - carry your GÜP in style and have quick access to it when it’s needed the most. 

The long velcro strap allows it to fit on most frames, seat posts and saddle rails, while the lightweight silicon block protects your frame and keeps your GÜP securely fastened.  


  • Holster and Strap for GUP Quick-Fix Sealant/Inflator
  • Fits most frames, seat posts & saddle rails
  • Securely stores GUP Tire Sealant
  • Anti-slip rubber Silicon block moulded to seat post shape for snug fit
  • Hook & Loop strap closure (long length)
  • Strap Length: 360mm
  • Strap Width: 24mm