Funky Trunks Mens Classic Trunks - Flaming Vegas

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Funky Trunk Classic Trunk - Back to where Funky Trunks began.  

The Classic Trunk is the original and most popular trunk by Funky Trunks.  With it's wide sides, stitched front pouch for added room, full front lining and internal draw-cord - you can't ask for more. The Classic Trunk also features a wide elastic at the waist and leg opening offering exceptional comfort all around.

Flaming Vegas
The design team are always looking for ways to connect with nature, which is why they insist on staying at Flamingos in Las Vegas to clear their heads and become immersed in the exotic wildlife on display. According to the team, playing the slots and lounging at the pool bar is simply used to fill in time between the magical natural experience that helps clear their heads before a new range is developed.


  • 16.5cm Side
  • Front pouch for added room
  • Full front lining
  • Internal Draw Cord
  • Wide elastic at the waist
  • Wide elastic at leg opening
  • Superior Comfort

Colour: Multi

Size Chart:

US 30" 32" 34" 36"
FRENCH 1 2 3 4
WAIST 75-80CM /30" 80-85CM /32 85-90CM /34" 90-95CM /36"
HIP 80-85CM 85-90CM 90-95CM 95-100CM