Chaffing Creams

Bodyglide chaffing protection for everyone

Browse through a range of Chafing Cream and Blister prevention.

Prevent sweat rash, chafing between the thighs, butt, under arms and breast. Ideal for triathletes, runners and hikers.

We have our most popular - BodyGlide to prevent rashes - perfect under wetsuits to help you get out quick in triathlon transitions.

Onto the bike - you need Aussie Butt Cream or Body glide Chamois Glide - keeps away the sore butt rash.

For the run, try Sport shield - easy roll on or in handy wipes. Perfect for between the legs and other sweat areas. Take a handy wipe to recharge during that long run. 

M2O chafing cream is different because it helps: Prevents the friction that irritates your skin, Relieve your skin during physical activity, Restore problem areas, allowing for recovery after you’re done for the day