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Two Cycle Tips For Triathlon Newbies

29th Aug 2011

Listed below are two tips written by Billi Whyde on a few simple but effective tips when starting out. 1. Ride Your Bicycle More Often Sound simple? However it is true. One of the best methods to … read more

New Approach to Running Recovery

25th Aug 2011

Starting to think about recovery in your chosen sport? Wondering why you can feel tired getting close to a race. Watch this insightful video with Matt Dixon discussing how to integrate recovery into … read more

Improve Your Cycling Cadence

22nd Aug 2011

Looking to improve your cycling pedal stroke and make it more efficient? This article from "triathlon competitor" gives you 2 good workouts to increase your max RPM. Although there is wide variance … read more

PowerBar Training Tip - The 60-Minute Rule

18th Aug 2011

While training, make sure to eat something every 60 minutes. The body only has 90–120 minutes of stored energy; after that, the dreaded "bonk" quickly follows. "Bonking" feels terrible and a … read more

Matt Fitzgerald on his book Racing Weight

18th May 2011

"Racing Weight" explores weight management as a means to better performance. The first comprehensive and science-based approach to weight management for runners, cyclists, triathletes, swimmers, rowe … read more