BASE Compression Men's 3/4 Tights - Black

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BASE Men's Compression 3/4 Tights - stay cooler than most conventional fabrics.

With contoured panels, muscle support, reduced chafing, reduced muscle fatigue, and risk of injury are just some benefits of this garment.

Designed with an exclusive high-quality Nylon and Lycra fabrication for breathability, durability, and body temperature regulation, it's your only Base Layer.

Muscle oscillation is the muscle movement that happens when vibrations occur as your foot hits the ground. BASE Compression can limit this vibration and can prevent trauma to the muscles. Our Compression Tights reduce muscle fatigue and damage, helping you train longer. Graduated compression promotes circulation and aids in a faster recovery. Reflective logos are added to ensure greater safety in low-light conditions. 

We take an essentialist approach to design, meaning that every feature has a purpose, no distractions for you.

Your BASE compression tights will arrive in biodegradable packaging that will breakdown after 72 days, 90 days for the zip lock component.
Base Compression has spent years fabric testing and innovating to ensure our garments offer the best in performance and recovery compression. Our BASEFLEX fabric has been worn and tested by market leading teams and athletes to support your performance and recovery like no other brand.
  • Quick-Dry moisture-wicking fabrication
  • 4-way stretch
  • Antibacterial features and benefits
  • Flexible & breathable, temperature regulation
  • UPF30+ sun protection

Size Chart:

Waist 75-80CM /30-32" 80-85CM /34" 85-90CM /36" 90-95CM /38" 95-100CM /40" 100-105CM /42"
Height 150-190CM 155-190CM 160-200CM 165-205CM 165-210CM 165-210CM

 *If you find you are between two sizes. We recommend to go down a size to get the best results from your compression.

Why Wear BASE Compression?

BASE Compression can help you train longer and recover faster. Compression apparel has been proven to support athletic performance before, during and after activity through improving circulation, muscle support and a reduction of muscle vibration and micro-tearing.

Pre Training
Compression can improve your blood circulation, improving your warm up and allowing you a better training or game day performance. 

During, Training and Exercise
A reduction in muscle fatigue is important, and BASE provides stability for the muscle, reducing bounce and vibration. This reduces the general feeling of fatigue and increases training output.

Post Training
Compression garments can help athletes during the recovery process, and research shows that following a high intensity workout, wearing compression for a minimum of 4 hours will allow a faster recovery. BASE provides a reduction in muscle fatigue, helping to decrease the heart rate and lactic acid buildup, as well as helping to reduce swelling.


BASE Compression typically applies 10 to 25 mmHg, which improves venous return and oxygenation to working muscles—improving athletic performance. With our innovative compression fabric you will be more ventilated and stay cooler than most conventional fabrics.