BarzOptics Speed Freak Wrap Around Sunglasses

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The BarzOptics Speed Freak is a high wrap style with interchangeable lenses.

The lens differs from most others in that it is larger – so wraps further around the side of the face. It has also been injected moulded with varying thicknesses in the lens. It’s about twice as thick as normal lenses in the viewing area and tapers to be thinner on the outer edge.

Perfect Sunglasses for cycling and other sports where wind can be annoying.

The Speed Freak is fitted with grey polycarbonated lenses. You can purchase additional lens Colours

It’s a great shooting style.
Supplied with a neoprene case and leash. With the options of one two or three lens colours


  • Polycarbonate lens for toughness

Lens Colours:

  • Clear and High Definition Yellow (Extra Lens add $10)