2Toms SportShield chafing prevention 10 Pack Wipes

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SportShield, the #1 performing chafing prevention product, is a liquid that has been specifically engineered to provide all day protection from painful rubbing and chafing caused by friction on the skin.

The SportShield Wipes are so convenient - have them in your Sports bag, take an extra one during a long run just in case. Great for races - you can apply just before the race and then throw away. 

Free from petrolatum, animal, and vegetable additives, SportShield applies a clean, non-sticky or pasty, odor free, breathable, and waterproof barrier that stays on the skin providing maximum protection from uncomfortable stinging, burning, and sticking.

SportShield’s advanced technology provides comfort and unsurpassed resistance to chafing and blisters which increases endurance and performance.


  • No more pain from Rubbing or Chafing
  • Ideal for use on inner thighs, over nipples, under arms, under bra/athletic supporter straps
  • Applies Clean, Non-sticky/pasty, Odour Free, Waterproof Barrier
  • Contains no petrolatum, animal & vegetable additives
  • Removed from skin with soap and water
  • SportShield is removed from the skin with soap and water


Dimethicone, Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin E

For a larger supply try the Sportshield roll on - 2Toms SportShield Roll-On chafing prevention

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