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Triathlon Swimming Technique by Brenton Ford

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How To Develop A Kick-Ass Swim Technique

And Slip Past The Pack Leaders

How To Develop A Kick-Ass Swim Technique And Slip Past The Pack Leaders. Swim Faster and improve your Swimming Technique with this Simple And Proven Step-by-Step System.

Great triathletes power easily through the water and use less energy than swimmers struggling at the back. Here is why:

Is there something you do well without needing to think about it? Ever drive somewhere and arrive realizing you can’t remember the journey?  It happened automatically. You didn’t blink an eyelid. It’s the same with elite triathlon swimmers. They train themselves to switch their mind to autopilot. Swim the race without thinking. There’s no being overwhelmed by thoughts of breathing patterns, pull underwater and body rotation. If you’re busy concentrating on your technique, can you expect to pace your swim correctly? Are you conserving energy for the bike and run?

Join National Master Coach Brenton Ford as he helps YOU improve your triathlon swimming technique and improve your swim times.

Triathlon Swimming Technique will help you:

  • Break free of bad technique habits that are holding you back (even if you've done them for 53 years!)
  • Understand and 'get' what the 'swimming gurus' are talking about when they mention the catch, recovery, high elbow pull through, stroke length, the list goes on.
  • Only build lean muscle mass and avoid carrying that dreaded extra bulk in your race (so you can still dominate the ride and run legs)
  • Annihilate your old swim PB's and finally cut it with the lead pack (you can say goodbye to the tail-end of the field!)
  • Become the 'go-to-guy' (or gal) when your mates realise you're kicking their butt in the water!
  • Enjoy gliding past your competitors like a cruiseliner as they cough and splatter their way to the end
  • 'Hold' the water as you pull and stop your hand 'slipping' (this is easier than you think)
  • Increase your cardio fitness (so you'll have loads of energy for the bike and run...everytime)
You will get outstanding videos, ebooks and audios including:
  • The entire Triathlon Swimming Technique online video program including all 4 step-by-step lessons. These videos run you through the exact drills to transform any level of swimmer into a smooth freestyler, not matter what the conditions.
  • The Triathlon Swimming Technique digital ebook detailing every single drill with high-color pictures so you can access the program without even watching the videos. You can print it off as many times as you like, take it to the pool with you, it's all yours!
  • A professional drill card which can be printed onto one sheet of paper, it's like a quick reference guide for you so you'll never forget what to next when you're at the pool.
  • Plus we've packed in a heap of FREE bonus audios, videos and ebooks on nutrition, training accessories, swimming secrets plus a bunch more.
  • 40 hours of the entire Mastering Freestyle program. We have cut out anything that won’t make you faster in the water, so you have more than 21 minutes of pure drills that transform any freestyle into long, smooth strokes. 
  • 20+ drills which will have you mastering freestyle in no time 
  • Multiple camera angles so you can see exactly what to do. 
  • Easy-to-understand explanations of every drill so experience is not necessary. 
Triathlon Swimming Technique
  • Above water and under water shots that provide you with all the knowledge you need to do it yourself. 
  • Drills performed by Australian Champion swimmer Sam Ashby so you can see exactly how it's done by the best in the world


Introductory Lesson:  Balance and Body position

  • The 5 drills in the Balance and Body Position lesson have been put together over a 17 year period of research and testing to make sure you're given only relevant, effective drills which will transform your stroke for good! 
  • They cover everything you need to know to understand how to balance yourself in the water...From balancing on your back, your side and your front. 
  • You'll learn how slight variations in your body position can greatly increase your balance in the water.
  • How to fix the common problem of sinking legs.
  • High quality pictures of every drill so that you can see exactly how each one is performed. 
  • From your head position, your arms, your body and your legs, you'll be able to see each drill performed from every angle imaginable.
Triathlon Swimming Technique eBook

Lesson #1:  Alternating sides and developing power

  • 6 drills which will have you gliding through the water like fish. 
  • Swim using little to no effort and travel faster than you ever have before.
  • Why "pulling" yourself through the water is one of the biggest energy drainers there is. 
  • Show you the real secrets to swimming freestyle only the world's best swimmers know. 
  • The one drill which a famous Olympian was made to do for an entire week of training, and how he went on to win a record number of gold medals at the Olympics. 

Lesson #2:  Bringing in the arms 

  • The 3 most effective drills which will make it impossible for you not to swim with high elbow, perfect entry and exact timing. 
  • Have you ever felt like you had perfect technique but then seen a video of yourself swimming and thought "I don't look like that!" This problem was hard to overcome but we've managed to find a solution for you (after 13 months of looking for one!). 
  • These 3 drills are a surefire way to a swimmer's V-shaped body for the fella's and lean arms and shoulders for the girls. 

Lesson #3: The whole body 

  • The fun is only just beginning once you do each part of the freestyle stroke (which we walk you through step-by-step), the drills in Lesson Three have us copying the same drills that 99% of Olympic freestyler's do in training. 
  • Most of these drills even beginners can do right off the bat! 
  • You'll be shown a simple little trick that will increase your speed by more than 10% (even if you haven't improved in years). 
  • One of the drills in Lesson Three was touted by the world's most famous swimmer as "being the biggest difference between myself and my competitor's". 

Lesson #4: Swimming freestyle 

  • Once you have 20+ drills under your belt we'll demonstrate freestyle out of the water so you can see exactly what your arms need to be doing in the water.
  • One minor trick for anyone who might be struggling with a 200 meter freestyle can drop more than 6 seconds.


Normally this product just contains the video and eBook but for a limited time Brenton has added the following:

  1. Mastering Freestyle Turns Video
  2. A beginner's guide to swimming accessories eBook
  3. Eating to win: What to eat before, during and after swimming eBook 
  4. The Top 10 Recipes For Swimmers eBook
  5. The 8 Biggest Mistakes Most Freestylers Make and How to Avoid Them Audio


Please note that this product is downloaded after purchase - no physical product is shipped. You will receive an email with access to the full kit to download to your computer.

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Product Reviews

  1. Yep it works 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th May 2010

    Yesterday I was half way through the drills and I tried 50 metres of freestyle to see if anything had changed. Well my stroke count dropped from 40 to 33. I had to do a few more laps to check that I hadn't just made a wrong count. It was 33 allright.
    Thanks Brent
    Dec 2009

  2. First Rate 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th May 2010

    Having bought your program a few days ago, can I start by saying its first rate. I am extremely happy with the purchase.
    Feb 2010

  3. Already feel the difference 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th May 2010

    I have started to use the program and already feel the difference. The drills are really helping me get my body into the correct position and alleviating the shoulder pain I was experiencing.
    Thanks again.
    Nov 2009

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