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Effortless Swimming Workouts by Brenton Ford

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Improve your Swimming Speed with Effortless Swimming Workouts by Australian National Masters coach Brenton Ford and Australian Champion swimmer Sam Ashby

Effortless Swimming Workouts is the blueprint of a successful training program. It's exactly what Brenton gives to his squads. You'll get a look under the hood of how National Champions are made.  

Imagine gilding through the water with ease. How would it feel having the stamina to swim for hours? Sprint with 'knockout' speed. 

In the Effortless Swimming Workouts you’ll discover:

  • The 3 secrets to massively increasing your fitness
  • How to get faster the further you swim and avoid ‘hitting the wall’
  • The simple trick to develop a smooth stroke using this little known training technique
  • Discover the #1 way to become an endurance freak in the water
  • Why maintaining your speed in a race and outlasting any competitor is easier than you think
  • Revealed! What Olympic swimmers do to fire up their muscles before a sprint
  • Why your current workouts could be slowing down your swimming

Effortless Swimming Workouts are:

  • Based on the training programs of National Masters coach Brenton Ford and Australian Champion swimmer Sam Ashby
  • Includes programs for all levels of swimmers from beginners to Olympians (yes, we're serious!)
  • Works for all ages - Our swimming workouts will help anyone from 13 to 130 years of age
  • Fun, exciting and the ideal boredom buster to the old way of training
  • Time-tested and proven to increase endurance, speed and technique in the pool
  • Created with the different energy systems in mind - we’ve done all the boring scientific work so you don’t have to!
  • The Effortless Swimming Workouts program will enhance the swimming level of all types of swimmers. 

Triathletes, pool swimmers, sprinters and even casual lap swimmers will crush their old PB times using the program. This program has been used with world class sprinters, triathletes and everyone in between (even not-so-young folk in their 70‘s and 80‘s) and seen incredible results.

Included in The Ultimate Swimming Workouts package

The Effortless Swimming Workouts Manual (e-book)

In this 36+ page manual we go over exactly how to train your way to the top of your field without using the old-school methods of swimming crazy distances with little or no rest. We hate the old adage of 'train as hard as you can for as long as you can. We prefer to train smart, and the workouts in manual are out to prove it. This manual is the core of the program which not only gives you the essential tools, knowledge and know-how but it also includes:

  • 40+ effective and proven swimming workouts with the quickest results
  • 3 levels programs so you can improve quickly even if your just getting started today
  • How to train for a big competition (we tell you exactly how long you'll need)
  • The infamous ‘Test Sets', giving you the programs which REALLY produce results
  • Triathlon workouts so effective you'll wonder why you've never come acroos them before
  • The sprinters workouts which have turned slow and steady swimmers into deceptively quick dynamos in the pool (your buddies will wonder where it came it from)
Effortless Swimming Techniques eBook

Effortless Swimming Workouts Video 

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • The step-by-step training system which gives fast results and is used by a number of world record holders
  • The 5 essential pieces of every swimming workout (miss one of these and your workout could be worthless)
  • How to warm up correctly for a training session or race so your muscles, body and mind are firing & ready to go
  • Six pre-training stretches which give you gymnast-like flexibility for maintaining the correct body position for smooth fast swimming
Effortless Swimming Techniques Video

We wanted to make sure that 100% of swimmers could use the Effortless Swimming Workouts program, so we created three levels for each workout:

Level 1 - Beginner Fish

  • 30 minute workouts
  • Less than 1.2km each session
  • Mostly technique focused with fitness and speed built into the programs

Level 2 - Fast Fish

  • 60 minute workouts
  • 1.5 - 2.5 kilometers per session
  • Fitness and technique focused (plus speed workouts)

Level 3 - Super Fish

  • 90 minute workouts
  • 2.5km+  each session
  • Fitness, speed and technique focused
More Benefits with this program
  • Learn the fastest way to develop ironman endurance
  • Swim graceful but powerful freestyle (so you’ll no never be caught thrashing up and down the pool again) 
  • Become the ‘speed freak’ at your local pool
  • Pace your swimming so you’ll peak exactly when you need to in training and in a race
  • Avoid burning out from over training because you were taught ‘no pain no gain’ (we blow this myth out of the water!)
  • Discover the forgotten training method of an Olympic superstar to get maximum gain from minimum training (this section alone could save you hours of painful training)
  • Shed any stubborn excess weight and get the swimmers body you deserve
 "You're going to improve your swimming!" "These programs are based on what I do, but have been adjusted for all levels of swimming. From experience, I can tell you you're going to improve your swimming by using these workouts.

Sam Ashby, Australian National Gold Medallist 

Swimming Champion Sam Ashbury

30 day risk-free money back guarantee

We understand that sometimes you change your mind. If for any reason you find that the Effortless Swimming Workouts program is not for you, simply let us know before 30 days is up and we’ll provide you with a prompt and courteous refund . No questions asked. If you’re not happy with the program it looks bad on us, so we strive to keep every customer of ours happy. You’ve got nothing lose by trying the program. As our gift to you for trying the program you can even keep it for free if you decide to get a refund!

Please note: Effortless Swimming Workouts is an entirely digital program. You will not receive a physical product.

So you can access the training secrets we've used to take ordinary swimmers and turn them into National and World record holders in the pool and the ocean, we've made Effortless Swimming Workouts completely digital. What does this mean for you? 

You can now download the entire program after you order. You'll be sent an email within 24 hours with download instructions.

The book comes in PDF format and can be read with Adobe Reader and the video is streamed live on the internet and can also be downloaded in MP4 format (this plays in iTunes and Quicktime). You can also upload the video straight to your iPod, iPhone if you wish!

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  1. Good examples for self traning 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jul 2014

    Qualifier, recreational pool swimmer aiming at two or three open water events (1.5 - 2ks) a year. This product has now provided plenty of variety to my training. I was working on about 2 variations each for speed, endurance/stamina and distance. This package has thrown me plenty of variation at three levels (probably wont use the top tier but can still adapt)for these groups. I guess you would get the same if you were in a swim/tri club but if you're not and looking for variety in your training, here it is.

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