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What do I need for my race day kit

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We are often asked “what do I need for my race day kit when starting out in triathlons?"

Generally triathletes are good planners – plan training, plan races, spend time getting ready and then go.

We created a short list of items that we think are race day essentials

Swim Start and Strategy Tips

In this short "how to" video, Coach Troy Jacobson, the official coach of IRONMAN, discusses the nature of the mass swim start, proper positioning and pacing strategies

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Choosing a wetsuit for the first time

We are often asked for advice for a first time triathlon wetsuit or someone who is starting out ocean water swimming and is keen to look at the factors.Have a read of these good articles:Some Hints for Buying your first WetsuitDifferent Wetsuit Brands 

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3 Swimming Drills for the Offseason (or Anytime!) by Kevin Koskella

1. Kick WITHOUT a kickboard, On your side. This improves balance in the water and with practice, will improve your kick. Also, stretch your ankles- ankle inflexibility is the #1 reason for a weak kick!2. One-Armed Freestyle. Freestyle only using one arm to stroke, while keeping the other arm at your side. Rotate your hips [...]

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Carbs: How Much Do You Need Per Session

Here is an interesting article by Greg Cox, R.D. on Triathlete Europe.He describes some simple advice on how many carbohydrates you need per session and why. In summarySprint races and short workouts - You need: A swig of a sports drinkWorkouts > 90 minutes - You need: 30-60 grams per hour, single or mixed carbsHalf- [...]

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Upper Body and Core Strength for Triathletes

In this short Video - Coach Troy (from Spinervals fame) discusses the need for upper body and core strengthening for triathletes. He demonstrates a short workout routine for time strapped triathletes. See more Spinervals products for cycling, running and strengthening. 

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​Why do Brick Sessions in Triathlon Training

Why do “Bricks” need to be incorporated in a training program?Triathlon is a sport of its own, not just a combination of three separate disciplines, which means it needs to be treated as such in training by including sessions that incorporate more than one sporting discipline. Cycling after swimming is not the same as cycling [...]

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Spinervals Ironman 70.3 Training Week

The 70.3 distance requires a combination of speed and endurance. The top athletes ride just near their limit (i.e. threshold), but never go over it as they need to run a strong half marathon off the bike. Read More about the Spinervals Ironman 70.3 Training Week to help improve your training and bike split.

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Is Hydration an indicator for Performance

The short answer is Yes. The long answer involves lots of data and reading. A study was completed by Tanita (Precision electronic scales) to see if there was a link between proper hydration and performance during Ironman races (and other long events). Over the three years, 4,426 male participants and 1,314 female participants were tested. [...]

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Ready for a triathlon - what to bring in your race day kit

We are often asked “what do I need for my race day kit when starting out in triathlons?"There is plenty of triathlon gear to think about for race day.We created a short list of items that we think are race day essentials

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